We Stock products from the following manufacturers:

welding machines

Labels for the marking of jewellery, watches and optical products

The Metalor Technologies Group, based in Neuchâtel in Switzerland with subsidiaries in 15 countries worldwide, is active in the field of precious metals and advanced materials.

Sempsa specializes in refining and recovering of all kinds of waste containing precious metals, industrial jewelry, silver, its alloys and brazing in all their metallurgical forms.
Finishing, fasteners, and all kinds of materials, Tools and Machinery, Procurement of Precious Metals

Gold, silver, rhodium and platinum alloys and solders for jewellery production with the established finenesses.
High performance electroplating system.
Standard and special electrolytes for all purposes in the decorative precious metal electroplating.
Fluxes, Brazing Alloys,

Heimerle und Meule, established in 1845 as a classical gold and silver refinery, has recovered highly pure fine metals from residues containing precious metals from the very beginning of its history up to the present time. Based on the know-how and the competence gained through handling precious metals, the company has grown systematically and has expanded its range of products and services steadily.

Ransom & Randolph manufactures materials for:
Ceramic Shell Casting
for both industrial and art bronze applications
Jewelry Casting
Block mould or solid mold casting
for industrial, tire mold, and glass art casting

Duprι Minerals Ltd
Gold Star Powders Division
Duprι Vermiculite Division

Formerly, Hoben International, founded in the 1950’s it now has two divisions. The company continues to be one of the leading manufacturers of Jewellery, Industrial Metal and Dental investment casting powders, as well as Friction Industry, Vermiculite and Refractory materials in Europe today. At a modern, purpose built facility in Newcastle-under-Lyme, England, the Company combines over 40 years experience with the latest production technology to manufacture products of the highest quality.

Machinery and tools for the jewellers

Professional weather stations featuring state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices. Used by thousands of schools, colleges, and universities throughout the world, they´re also used in agriculture, industry, and research, and by homeowners, expeditions, storm chasers, and government agencies.

Metalli Preziosi S.p.A. is an industry intensely concentrated on the research and development of materials and technologies able to satisfy the ever more stringent needs of the market in terms of quality, performance, economy and recyclability. Our production cycle starts with the use of pure minerals and develops through strongly vertical process lines which enable us to guarantee absolute traceablility, high and consistent quality, and coherent and economic processes to our customers.

Watchmakers Tools & Repair Tools

A&D offers a wide and diverse range of measurement, weighing and medical equipment with analog and digital conversion as its core technology.

The world´s largest manufacturer of ear piercing systems and supplies. Studex offers a wide range of piercing systems and piercing earrings.

Gemstone Testers
Gemstone Gauges
Cutting Machines
Weighing scales

Tools and supplies for Jewellery, Watches, Diamonds and Clocks

Spring Rings

Oxhydric soldering machine & Accessories,
cleaning, drying & degreasing, casting & melting, hand tools, piercing studs, engraving, testing products for gold & silver, furniture, scales & measurement, plating and electropolishing, polishing and sandpaper, hagerty produtcs, burs and drill, gemmological products, alloys, cutting, stamping, gauges, rolling and drawplating.

Thermal transfer desktop printers: Small, inexpensive devices for printing labels with and without barcode in small up to medium quantities directly at the workplace

Labels for computer-assisted
and manual marking.

• treatment of gold, silver,
• treatment of pearls and precious stones
• Burs

* Industrial abrasive polishing and finishing compositions
* Polishing buffs
* Barrelling consumables and equipment for plastic and small metal parts
* Specialist grinding wheels
* DIY Polishing products

Jewelry Molding Rubber
Liquid Molding Rubber
Rubber Tools and Supplies
Silicone Jewelry
Molding Rubber & Waxes

* ceramic and graphite crucibles
* various odds and ends
* mixers
* soldering bricks

Gold Plating Bath products

Special maschineries, equipment & tools for jewellery makers / manufacturers


Steel and tungsten drawplates and dies, Steel bezel blocks of every shape, Steel and cast iron bezel mandrels, Ring sizes sticks, bangle gauges, Smooth and grooved bench blocks, Dapping dies and punches, Equipment to wind up wire and tubes, disk percussion cutters, Filing boxes, Engravering blocks, tools to ondulate, hollow punches, wire cutters, hinge cutters, Ringstretchers, oval and round banglestretchers, bending machines, Planishing hammers

Spring rings, Rings
Bayonet clasps & other clasps


Hammers, Saws, Loupe, Ring Sticks & Clamps
Needles-File Handles,Archimedian Drill Gravers, Peg Clamps, Anvil, Piercing Saw Blades for metals, Saw Bows, Jewellers’ fine mechanics pliers, Millgrain wheels, Band sawblades for woodworking, Tool Steel Burs, Beading tools, Pin vices,Diamond spiral burs, tweezers, brushes, Oil-Stones, Polishing paste, Polishers.

Abrasive tools and materials

Roller Brushes with metal backing tape, Circular and Roller Brushes, ST-System, Lath Brushes, Belt Brushes, Disc Brushes, Antistatic and Ostrich Feather Brushes, Strip and Sealing Brushes, End, Cup and Bevel Brushes, Interior – Tube Cleaning and Alphahonbrushes, Circular, Single Section and Pipeline Brushes, Scratch Brushes

Files, Gravels, Saws

Brushes, Polishing Pastes, tools & Discs


Ultrasonic Devices and Detergents


* Centrifugal casting machines, Vacuum centrifugal casting machines, Static electronic melting furnaces, Vacuum wax injectors, Vulcanizers, Investment mixers, Dewaxing ovens, Flask burnout furnaces, Water jet cabins, Sprue cutters, Tools and cunsumables

Jewellery Boxes & Accessories
-Displays,Trays, Display sets
-Pouches, Suitcases, modules,


Jewellery boxes


Tools and Acessories:
Carbide burs, Diamond Discs, Wheels, Sharpeners, Mandrels,




Mold & Casting Crucibles

Crucibles, Furnaces, Accessories

Flex shaft machines, BL Lathe, Micromotors, Drill Presses, Wax Carver, Arch Trimmer, Ultrasonic Cleaning Units.

F. Witschifills SA
Tools & Spare Parts for Watchmakers and Jewellers: Testers, Brushes, Casting rings, Dust Blowers, Ringsticks for ring sizing, Case openers, Glass fitting tools.

Motors, Hand-pieces, Burners.


Open Automation Machinery
* Bench Top Mounted Machines
* Medium Scale Floor Standing Machines
* Precision Finishing Machines
* Large Scale Finishing / Breaking Down
* Advanced Rolling Solutions
* Various Mill Accessories

Liquid dip cleaners, Polishing cloths, Jewelry soap, Cleansing Gel & Brush, Sonic jewelry bath cleaners, Organizers, Dry disposable wipes, Silver Polish, Metal Polish.

Lacko Packaging

Jewelry Boxes, Optical Cases, Watch Boxes, Pen Boxes, Tin Can

Precision Tools

Microsets and micromotors.
Handpieces for micromotor & for hang-up motor.
Accessories for mallets & handpieces.

Tool Steel Burs, Wax Burs, Tungsten Carbide Burs
Beading & Bearding Tools

Files and rasps
Gravers, Precision tools,
Tweezers, Cutters

Nielsen-Kellerman, weather instruments.
The most accurate and reliable hand-held weather devices available.

The outstanding properties of Kyocera ceramic knives make cooking a real pleasure! Furthermore, they retain their sharpness for a very long time.

Gas Lighter