The Company Profile

JOANNOU & JAONNOU DENTAL PRODUCTS is a dental company that was originally formed in 1986 to assist the dentists and technicians provide the best possible services and treatment to their patients. Our aim was to find all those specialist dental products from around the world and bring them closer to our customers. Ioannou Health Products is dedicated to providing the cyprus market with innovative products and fast reliable service. Our commitment to continuous innovation allows us to always offer exciting new products through our international distribution alliances and exclusive product imports.All of our products are imported from around the world with the sole intention of offerring our customers technological, clinical and cost advantages. We quarrantee that our products will offer you ease of time and complete satisfaction.


Our company has recently accelerated its expansion, becoming one of Cyprus market leaders. In the process of our expansion, we became part of the Joannou Group of Companies. As a part of our expansion we are now also operating a second store in Limassol. We have developed the essential logistical support required to provide a fast, efficient service even to the most remote areas of Cyprus. Despite our rapid expansion in the recent years, we have not moved away from our primary goal, that is to ensure that all of our clients receive the highest level of personal service and attain the maximum satisfaction.